In the Beginning was the Word . . .

The words surrounding us, as well as the words we use, are a great deal more powerful than many know.  God can easily Use words around you all the time to bring you Messages. You can easily read, hear and see these Messages if you pay attention!

When we were young, many of us were taught one of the best lessons about ‘words’ and the strength in ‘words’ by a small train. ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can’ is one of the Truisms in life. You can accomplish just about anything if YOU THINK YOU CAN.


Many out there have songs that play in their head sometimes and the lyrics in those songs answer a question they had in their heart. A loved one that has passed into Spirit can Use the words of a song on the radio or playing in your head to bring you perspective or answers.

“Oh My God!!!!”
How many times do you hear people say that phrase in  just one week?  Is it a coincidence that so many all over the world say this phrase regularly, in a multitude of languages?

There is power in the words you use. If you go around saying that ‘you are always losing your keys’, guess what you get to keep doing as long as you keep saying ‘I AM ALWAYS losing my keys’. Maybe you say ‘you are always losing your phone’. Watch what happens after awhile if you stop saying it. You will stop losing them.

Honestly try it in your own life and see what happens.

Your words MATTER!

Names are words. There is a great deal of Godsign to be found in names.

There was a Rose who parked herself on a bus bench and refused to move. She helped change the world. Her name is Rosa Parks.

A young girl immigrated with her parents to the US after WWII. She was exceptionally bright and hard-working and became the first woman to be the Secretary of State for the United States. Her name is Madeling Albright.

Bill Gates . . . how ‘gates’ did he open in our world . . . for how many?

Steve Jobs . . . how many ‘jobs’ did he create in our world . . . is still creating how many jobs?

The word ‘carol’ is a word that can be about ‘songs’. Guess who was the ‘king’ of songwriting for quite a while?

Carol King was one of the most prolific songwriters in the last 5o years.

Until recently, one coach reached the ‘summit’ being the basketball coach who had won the most college basketball games.

Her name – Pat Summit.

Godsign™ in the words is everywhere. WORDS MATTER!!! See, hear, USE the Godsign Messages in the words surrounding you!