Texas and Godsign™

Hello All
Happy Friday to you!

God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

Texan’s like to say they do things in a big way. And to many in Texas, there is no option. Texan’s have a saying, “Go big or go home.” In Texas, you go big – period. They wear big cowboy boots and at times huge cowboy hats – like 10 gallon size. Football isn’t a sport in Texas, its a lifestyle – a big one. Chili is big, bold and like no where else and they know how to make big, juicy and mighty fine margaritas to drink down the big, bold chili. Big drinks help a lot in Texas because it gets ungodly hot at times in big hot ways. Their steaks are not considered big unless they are at least 72 oz. and a BBQ challenge cook-off will be – without doubt – one of the biggest, baddest parties you have ever been lucky enough to attend.

Texas has the biggest fish, biggest wildcats, biggest bulls and biggest rattlesnakes. The only US state bigger in size is Alaska. Sunsets are big, hair is big in Texas and statues of Jesus, cowboys on bulls and Buddy Holly are some of the biggest in the US. And to say there is big BIG business in oil and cattle in Texas is a big understatement.

They have big flags with a big single star because Texas is known as The Lone Star State, perhaps one of the most recognized nicknames of any state. It stems from the symbolism of the star on the 1836 flag of the republic, the “National Standard of Texas.” The single golden star on a blue background represents Texas as an independent republic and is a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. In 1845, Texas joined the union as the 28th state. The phrase ‘six flags over Texas’ is because they have had so many different flags flying. Like I said, BIG stories even about flags.

Texans have big manners, yes sir, yes ma’am, they do!

And Texans especially have HUGE BIG HEARTS and COURAGE to back it all up. One of the biggest, best, most dependable friends you might ever be blessed with can come from the Big Lone Star state of Texas!

Texas may wish this wasn’t true, we all wish for them this wasn’t true, but they can now lay claim to the biggest hurricane/storm in our country’s history. Very, VERY BIG – period.

Now they need BIG HELP!

You can donate so many ways to help out Texas BIG TIME!

Here is one way. Next Friday, September the 8th, I am donating all monies I receive giving readings at Inner Path to two charities helping the people, dogs and cats of Texas – the Texas Humane Society and Texas Disabled American Veterans Association. If you have been thinking of getting a reading and have also been wanting to help the wonderfully big-hearted folks in Texas, then here is a BIG win-win opportunity.

All you need to do is call Inner Path at 317-883-1100 and schedule a reading with me, Annie, for Friday, September 8th. You can book your reading from 11 am to 6 pm. Then that Friday evening, from 6 pm till 8, the monies from everyone who comes for the BIG FUN we have on the Friday night Cosmic Connection group will combine with the monies from the readings and all of it will head to help the beautifully BIG-HEARTED men, woman, dogs and cats of Texas.

Here are some other ways to donate.

Click here for a link to several reputable Hurricane Harvey charities that are helping the hundreds of thousands of people needing BIG HELP in Texas.

Click on this link – link to charities in Texas to help – one of thousands you can find – through CNN.

The Stars are big in Texas. Not just in their skies or on their flags, but because of the HUGE LIGHT you see in all the first-responders, and just regular big-hearted people with boats, canoes, kayaks and HUGE pickup trucks, going into deep waters to rescue strangers while a hurricane is pouring rain.

There is no arguing about color, or race, or politics, or age, or beliefs. It is all for one and one for all!

It is shown in the BIG LIGHT they shine caring for each other while knowing that they will still SHINE BRIGHT deep in the Heart of Texas.

That is how it is supposed to be. Find a way that you can help them and SHINE YOUR LIGHT BIG . . .

Deep In The Heart of Texas

The stars at night
Are big and bright

The prairie sky
Is wide and high

Deep in the heart of Texas

The sage in bloom
Is like perfume

Deep in the heart of Texas

Reminds me of
The one I love

Deep in the heart of Texas

The coyotes wail
Along the trail

Deep in the heart of Texas

The rabbits rush
Around the brush

Deep in the heart of Texas

The cowboys cry

Deep in the heart of Texas

The dogies bawl
And bawl and bawl


Deep in the heart of Texas
Texas, Our Texas! all hail the mighty State!
Texas, Our Texas! so wonderful so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev’ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

Texas, O Texas! your freeborn single star,
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far,
Emblem of Freedom! it set our hearts aglow,
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.
God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

Texas, dear Texas! from tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor, your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes, we come your children true,
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

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