The Language of the Divine

See, Read and Use the Answers, Solutions, and Love
Surrounding YOU Every Day!

Life speaks to you every day, without fail, in order to get you ‘in-sync’ with life.

Life uses anything and everything around you, such as the numbers, words, names, colors, animal and music around you, to bring you answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, warnings when needed and most of all make sure YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOVED.

Is Life that in-sync with you?


Are you that in-sync with Life?

Divine Source and the Life surrounding you attempts to communicate with you every day with the Godsign dialog found in the colors, numbers, music, words, patterns, coincidence and animals in way that is unique to every individual. Your loved ones and angels in Spirit do the same. And they will prove it to you if you ask.

If you knew that your mom who passed into Spirit 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago or 2 decades ago could prove she was Speaking to you every day just by using her numbers around you to say Hello, you would pay attention to the numbers around you. Pay attention to the numbers around you because your loved ones in Heaven surround you with their numbers on digital clocks, grocery receipts and license plates in front of you. They use their math – the numbers in their birthday, the age when they passed, the year they passed into Spirit – to say hello . They use those numbers to surround you all the time to bring you Godsign messages.

You are already reading words, numbers and symbols in your life. We have chemical formulas made out of letters and numbers that mean the same thing regardless of what ‘language’ you use in your own life…such as H2O. Mathematical symbols and equations recognized by all peoples describe and ‘speak’ of the potential energy in all things – E=mc2.

911 means something different to you than 9/11. Both made from a 9 and two 1s but they mean different things to everyone. You are already reading numbers.

Many of you have songs that play in your head. You may not realize that is a ‘thing’.but it very much is a ‘thing’ called clairaudience. Whether you know it or not, your angels and guides can be are being sending you messages regularly through the lyrics. Imagine how many answers you can take advantage of when you start to connect the dots and realize the songs are bringing you solutions.

Animals surround us every day without fail. A gecko lizard sells insurance, clydsedale horses sell beer and pink bunnies sell batteries. Collecting turtle figurines is a different Godsign messages in your life then collecting dolphins or elephants. Sporting jerseys with bears hold different messages then jerseys with colts from Indianapolis or cardinals from Arizona.

God, Life and your loved ones in Heaven can prove this to you and will. Read our other sections about Words, Numbers, Colors, Animals, Sacred Geometry and Time to enjoy the Godsign surrounding you all the time.


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Discover the GODSIGN™ Around Us All

Tune-In to the Answers Surrounding You Everyday!

There are symbols in the world that are read and understood as a Universal language. Sign language for the deaf is an internationally understood form of communication. There are mathematical symbols and equations recognized by all peoples that describe and ‘speak’ of the potential energy in all things… E=mc2. We have chemical formulas made out of letters and numbers that mean the same thing to everyone on the planet regardless of what ‘language’ you use in your own life…such as H2O.

Your Creator does the same with you.

Godsign InstituteGodsign InstituteGodsign InstituteGodsign InstituteGodsign Institute

The Divine Source surrounding each of us attempts to communicate with you every day using colors, numbers, music, words, patterns, coincidence and animals in way that is unique to every individual.

What does the color yellow mean if it keeps showing Up in your life over a few days? What if the color is purple? What does it mean if you keep noticing 11:11 on your digital clock; what if it is 4:44? What is God signaling to you by the butterflies, owls or deer that are sent your way in pictures, symbols or even television commercials? The music playing over the radio, the receipt at the grocery store, or the unusual email received from “out of the blue” just when you needed it most can be your Creator using Godsign to speak directly to you. It isn’t whether or not you are being ‘spoken to’ by God – you are. It is whether or not you see and listen to the GODSIGN surrounding you in the space you find yourself. You Creator is already there.

The Blueprints of God

Pay heed to coincidence, for Life’s game is at play.
Nothing just happens in a haphazard way.
Events are not random that make up your day.

We’ve all had the moments pieces falls into place.
Circumstances are perfect; the right time, the right space;
A brutal tragedy is defeated by a saving grace.

Your book falls opens to the needed page.
Opportunity knocks as if cued to the stage.
Perfect music is scored, defining an age.

Then a heart’s torn to pieces from immeasurable grief,
the wrong place, the wrong time, with no sign of relief,
leaving the devout even questioning belief.

There at a sign is perceived, a message comes through.
A Spirited hello, with much love sent to you.
One heals with the salve of knowing what’s True.

Timing is everything isn’t uttered by nuts.
The chance in encounters is anything but.
Fortune’s luck of the draw begins with the cut.

I don’t mean to suggest that we don’t have a choice,
options to opt from, an opinion to voice.
The freedom to hate or in love to rejoice.

You create your destiny one day at a time.
You can do it with reason, you can do it with rhyme,
and lousy can happen as life turns on a dime.

But in Always there’s purpose to this grand façade.
Fate has built empires, history changed with a nod.
A design to the universe, the Blueprints of God.

Two events coincide to give you a clue.
Especially when dropped right out of the blue.
Heaven sent you direction, a suggestion or two.

The Plan’s so much grander than most mortals believe.
You may harvest serendipity but God plants the seed,
with the love and the knowledge that what will be will be.

© Annie Truesdell
Poetry from a butterfly in the Garden