How We Began

In 2006 our founder, Annie Truesdell, was asked to conduct a class at a large United Methodist church on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the spiritual leaders of the church had been given an unpublished copy of a manuscript for a book written by Annie called A butterfly in the Garden. The church leader felt the experience that Annie shared with her readers would be an excellent addition to the curriculum at the church’s Spiritual Life Center. Since writing her book, Annie had been working at putting together classes on what Spirit had shown her were to be Godsign™ classes. Spirit has shown Annie that the Godsign classes were to help everyone experience, explore, read and most importantly USE the Divine Dialogue of Godsign that surrounds everyone – all the time.

Godsign™ itself was Used to let Annie know the time had come to take her small classes to the next level. That was over 7 years ago. Since then, The Godsign Institute has taught hundreds of classes & seminars in many locations in Indiana, and has established itself in the city of Indianapolis as a leading source for Spiritual understanding and enlightenment.