Animals of all kinds are around us. The Native Americans knew that each and every animal created was there to help teach us lessons, bring us messages in our daily lives and remind us all of our common connections. Deer speak of the quiet strength found in gentleness. Squirrels running around in the tree tops reflect the fun that work can bring into life and the wisdom of planning ahead for our needs. Raccoons peeking around corners generously sharing and protecting each other remind us that we all must watch out for even the least of our brothers. Turtles show us patience and the winning walk of the sure and steady path.

Any and all animals have messages and lessons to teach each of us. Please take the time to listen to what the birds sing to you in their song of Life each morning. Watch for the bees to tell you that the honey of life can be found in the busyness of your days. Strong and stately hawks can be bringing you messages from your own Spirit reminding you to look at higher perspectives. The divine hummingbirds and butterflies are used by the Angels themselves to share with you the Joy that is all around us all.
Listen, watch for and notice as our Universe and Divine Creator uses the animals to bring you a deeper understanding and awareness of the perfect creation that is you in your walk of mastery that is your Life.