Godsign™ in Colors

Colors surround you in this moment. Much has been studied and written about color and its large impact on our daily lives. Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas.

Different colors ‘speak’ to us about our safety, movement, need for caution, finances, team loyalties, patriotism and our freedoms to name but a few. Each of the main colors in the rainbow color spectrum and its corresponding wavelength communicate messages to us every day.

How many times did the color red stop you on your way to work this week? How many times did the color green tell you it was okay to move? How many times did you speed up in your car when you saw the color yellow, or did you slow down? Colors ‘spoke’ to you today.

Colors have meanings associated with them in our life and that has been true since humans first started painting themselves with the colors found in their environments. Pigments in a wide variety of colors and tones were generously and endlessly supplied by Nature. A person would be painted with one color of stripe if they were a warrior and another color if they came in peace. Clans and family groups would associate themselves with blue or green or purple in crests, shields, clothing and detailed tattoos.

What does the color white mean to you? How about the color blue – or purple? Do you have a favorite color? Do you know why it is your favorite color?

If you start to READ the colors around you that you aren’t noticing and ‘reading’ already you might be amazed at what you learn. What is your favorite color right now and what does that say to you about YOU? It matters because YOU MATTER! What color(s) does your friend wear the next time you meet? Do they have a favorite color? It will tell you a great deal about what they might be worried about or celebrating or are needing help with in their lives. If you are hoping to communicate better with a loved one, do you go dressed in shades of blue which help inspire your throat chakra and is a color that helps soothe and calm or do you wear your favorite bright red shirt that is laying on top of the pile? If you don’t think about colors in this way, you aren’t receiving and Using your own Godsign messages through color.

If certain colors keep showing Up in your life and you would like to know the Godsign™ messages being sent to you, please click here to contact Annie for an appointment.

Why the Rainbows

Life’s spectrum of color
arched against the
charcoal curtain of clouds
draped from the sky.

Infinite raindrops in prism.
Nature’s special effect
of water particled
on the fly.

Incredible span of wavelengths
required from a sunstar
projecting the masterpiece of
perfection to the eye.

This splendor designed from
two moments in one universe
of different lightyears
passing by.

Our science in time
calculated the how.
Our Spirit finds wisdom
deciphering the why.

© Annie Truesdell
Poetry from a butterfly in the Garden