Godsign™ in Numbers

It’s in the Math

Numbers surround you. You have numbers that represent your birth day, your phone number,  your bank accounts, your street address, your social security numbers –  to name but a few.

The computer you use at home, at work or on your cell phone uses a language based mostly on two numbers – 0 and l. Computer programmers will tell you, though it is beginning to change, 98% of the programming of computers on Earth are using nothing but 0s and 1s. Just two numbers form the core of the computer technology running our world.


Many numbers speak to you. Just using the two numbers 1 and 9 can bring very strong emotions and messages to you.

Call 911.

You know what I am asking you to do.

Remember 9-11.

You know exactly what I am referring to . . .

I am using the same two numbers – 9 and 1 – Nines and ones; in the same order, but they have very different meanings.

Phrases with the number nine alone describe many things in life. To be on Cloud nine means what to you? How about going the whole nine yards? You know this next one – How many lives does a cat have? Numbers used to communicate in innumerable ways. Godsign is certainly one of them that can wake you Up faster than any of the other forms of Godsign.

We have gone digital with our clocks for a reason. The digital numbers speak to us all the time and it is Time bringing us to a new level of understanding just how much and how often  pun fully intended!) . * 0 & 1 are the

Numbers speak to us all the time, whether  we notice or not. God is in the math.  I am not referring to the field of Numerology, although we will touch on it a bit at the end of this chapter.

Creator or a loved one who has passed, can sacredly Use numbers surrounding you as Godsign to bring you a short-hand message through the meanings of the numbers placed in front of you on a digital clock, a store receipt, numbers on t-shirts or jerseys or any trucks, cars or license plates around you.

Most people drive or ride in a car on a regular basis. How often are you sitting at a red stop light in traffic? How many cars are around you at those lights? Each of them have license plates staring at you. You will be amazed at the information you can get about your day just from the license plates on the cars around you when you are driving in to work. But do you pay attention?

Would you start to pay attention then if you knew answers were all around you – in the math around you?

If numbers keep showing Up around you and you would like to know how to READ the messages around you, click here to contact Annie for an appointment.