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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

It is Memorial Day weekend when we honor, remember and memorialize all those that with courage and bravery sacrificed their lives so that America is free and democracies are found in many parts of our world. They all have sacrificed so that we would feel safe in the United States and hold strong to the ideals of this democracy.

Sometimes the best way to honor those that stood up then to the darkness in the world with their Light is to stand Up now to the darkness with Light. The best way to honor all the police officers that protected our Capitol is to stand up for their truth now. They were attacked by home grown terrorists and we all deserve answers as to how and why it happened. There are too many in power who are stopping us from knowing that truth. They are scared of it. That is not honoring anyone who sacrificed in service for us all, it is kicking them again in the gut, especially on Memorial Day weekend.

America is going through some difficult times. There are so many lessons for us to learn right now, I feel like the lessons should all take a ticket, take a seat. The lessons need to stand in line.

Spirit inspires what the content of these Godsign messages are written about to bring love into our world, hope to all of us and point out some of the magnificent ways that God and Life speak to each of us everyday using the sacred symbols and truths surrounding us.

Spirit reminds us all that there are times Godsign is around to help us see our way through the ugly, dark shadow energies in our world and country. We have faced hard times before and men and women died to get us through those hard times.

This hard time is because we as a country have some truths that many don’t wish to face. There will always be consequences in our lives when we turn and walk away from our truths.

But then that begs the question – whose truths?

There are sacred, wondrous and brilliant truths in life and there are the ugly truths in life as well. There are some ugly truths most of us can agree on. Hatred left untreated destroys. Weapons mixed with hatred gets people killed.

I, you and much of the rest of the world watched our Capitol attacked by thousands of people on the day our last national election was being certified. They were hoping to turn over the election and capture some ‘traitor’ elected representatives. Our Capitol and the police protecting it were attacked by people filled with hatred that wanted to destroy. Weapons were mixed with the hatred and people died.

Many of those doing the attacking had become addicted to hating ‘the other’. When hatred is an addiction in our society, and owning weapons is an addiction amongst our citizens, we all have problems. Those truths are all around us and we are not facing them as a country. We haven’t for a long time, if ever.

Sadly, you must also add that the hatred has been built on lies, not truths, and the liars know they are lying. Wow, we have some issues. Those spreading the lies earn lots of money through those lies, Now, they want us all to look away and have no consequences for the actions of hatred against our Nation.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. – Sir Winston Churchill 

The shootings at Columbine High School happened on April 20, 1999. That was 22 yeas ago and all of us are in more danger now than we were then because there are more weapons mixed with more hatred. People want to argue that having more guns make us all safer, but there are NO STUDIES THAT BACK THAT UP. 

Just think to yourself about your truth to this question. Are you more safe now then you were in 1999 because we have many more weapons in many more places?

There are more guns owned in this country now then there are people. For many reasons, we have more people in America angry, depressed, filled with anxiety, feeling hopeless . . . which was true before Covid 19 – imagine how many of us are struggling with our mental health now.

So many need help with depression, anxiety, anger management and mental health checks. But we as a society continue to stand by as mental health issues are The LAST THING INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL COVER. All of us go through mental health struggles at least once, some now and again, and some of us have to struggle with it all the time. But most can’t afford to get help and we all stand by, do nothing and demand even less.

Mass shootings are about at least 2 truths. The one doing the shooting is mentally ill and the assault guns used are easily bought to assault and kill nothing but humans.  We as a society are not doing much of anything to prevent either one of those problems. Law are made but changed or not enforced. We are now shrugging and saying ‘another one, so sad’ and moving on.

Those are some truths with lose – lose consequences.

And when there are enablers happily willing to say ‘everything is fine, nothing to see here – just move on folks. We don’t need to worry about it if we just ignore it’. The enablers are feeding the lies and help justify and give excuses for those that struggle with whatever addiction they have. We have leaders willing to enable the haters, liars, illegalities, attacks and grift all being built on hate and lies. Hatred for the other. And the ‘other’ is all of us that don’t stay quiet about the hatred, weapons, lies and don’t help enable those that do work to keep us all hating the ‘other’ because of all the lies they believe. Those lies about the ‘others’ that create the hate are the CON in CONSPIRACY. The conspiracy theorists thrive on lose-lose scenarios.

whew . . . take a ticket take a seat.

Some ugly truths . . . We have mentally challenged people in every community across the United States. We have the highest percentages of citizens with mental health challenges – 15% to 17% – which are the same percentages as Canada, Australia, Westerns Europe and Russia. 

However, our death rates from gun violence are quadruple the rates of those other countries.

It has been proven by study after study after study – more guns lead to more violence, not less. More ASSAULT weapons lead to MASS KILLINGS OF HUMANS on a regular basis. Simple stated facts.

Hatred was stoked up with lies to such a degree that thousands of people felt justified in storming their own Capitol in the hopes of bringing it all down. Many of our leaders want that to be ignored. They are scared that the Truth of what happened might come out.

[America is having a very hard time because we as a country have some truths that many don’t wish to face. There will always be consequences in our lives when we turn and walk away from our truths and what is the honorable thing to do. Lots and lots of lessons for our country to learn before it can truly be the land of the free and home of the brave. It certainly is not the way to honorably and righteously memorialize our many hero’s on Memorial Day weekend.

Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. 
Thomas L. Holdcroft

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The Beatles

I look at you all
See the love that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps

Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

I look at the world
And I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake
We must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don’t know how you were inverted
No one alerted you

I look from the wings
At the play you are staging
While my guitar gently weeps
‘Cause I’m sitting here
Doing nothing but aging
Still my guitar gently weeps

Songwriters John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney


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And the Children shall lead them . . .


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