In the Beginning was the Word. .

and the Word was made manifest . .

Those words perfectly describe manifesting and manifestation, creating and co-creating your world and what comes towards you. Made manifest in physical matter surrounding you. Thousands of years after first being written down as scripture, our modern physicists from MIT, Stanford and Yale will tell you that your thoughts and words affect the energies surrounding you which in turn causes the effects – the manifestations – into your life.

Words matter because words lead to the creation of matter. Literally.

‘I Am’ are two of the most powerful words spoken.

If you have a friend who goes around regularly saying and thinking, ‘I am always losing my phone. I am always running late  . . . I am never going to get ahead’, guess what keeps happening to them until they stop saying those words. When they stop saying those words and thinking those thoughts it stops happening.

Imagine that.

I am loving. I am happy. I am blessed. I am friendly. I am honest. I am patient. I am rich.

I am uncaring. I am angry. I am unlucky. I am intolerant. I am untruthful. I am poor.

Which of those characteristics do you wish to live and have in your life?

What words do you regularly speak about yourself?

It matters because through time WORDS CREATE MATTER.

Words matter not just emotionally, spiritually or out of politeness. Words matter in the physical reactions in the energies surrounding you.


Names are words. There is a great deal of Godsign to be found in names.

There was a Rose who parked herself on a bus bench and refused to move. She helped change the world. Her name is Rosa Parks.

A young girl immigrated with her parents to the US after WWII. She was exceptionally bright and hard-working and became the first woman to be the Secretary of State for the United States. Her name is Madeline Albright.

Bill Gates – How ‘gates’ did he open in our world . . . for how many?

Steve Jobs – How many ‘jobs’ did he create in our world? How many jobs is the Apple he created still allowing families to build on?

The word ‘carol’ is a word that can be about ‘songs’. Guess who was the ‘king’ of songwriting for quite a while?Carol King was one of the most prolific songwriters in the last 5o years.

Until recently, one coach reached the ‘summit’ being the basketball coach who had won the most college basketball games. Her name – Pat Summit