A Rose in England and Godsign™

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Happy Friday to you!

This Godsign message is dedicated to Saffie Rose Roussos of Manchester, England, who was 8 years old and still a rosebud; and to all those in Manchester and the millions of daughters, mothers, sons and fathers who are devastated by terrorism worldwide.
Spirit suggested that exploring the power of the roses of England, and all roses, may bring some measure of Healing.

To the Rose upon the Rood of Time
by William Butler Yeats
Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days!
Come near me, while I sing the ancient ways:
Cuchulain battling with the bitter tide;
The Druid, grey, wood-nurtured, quiet-eyed,
Who cast round Fergus dreams, and ruin untold;
And thine own sadness, whereof stars, grown old
In dancing silver-sandalled on the sea,
Sing in their high and lonely melody.

Come near, that no more blinded by man’s fate,
I find under the boughs of love and hate,
In all poor foolish things that live a day,
Eternal beauty wandering on her way.
Come near, come near, come near—Ah, leave me still
A little space for the rose-breath to fill!
Lest I no more hear common things that crave;
The weak worm hiding down in its small cave,
The field-mouse running by me in the grass,
And heavy mortal hopes that toil and pass;
But seek alone to hear the strange things said
By God to the bright hearts of those long dead,
And learn to chaunt a tongue men do not know.
Come near; I would, before my time to go,
Sing of old Eire and the ancient ways:
Red Rose, proud Rose, sad Rose of all my days.

Everyone reading this has some connection to the mystical rose. It is the national flower of England and the U.S. It may be argued but most will tell you the most beautiful roses in the world are English roses.

Since ancient times, roses have been grown for their fragrance, beauty, and healing properties and have symbolized Creator. The intricate and elegant design of the rose is thought to be proof of God’s active presence in creation. A rose opens its buds gradually to reveal blossoms with lovely layers and are used as illustrations of how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people’s lives. The strong, sweet scent of a rose brings to mind the powerful sweetness of love, which is the essence of God.

Roses have often been used as a metaphor for life: after overcoming difficulty, you will find inner harmony, union, and happiness and are often prized as symbols of achievement, completion and perfection.

I believe that many times you have to earn, over lifetimes, certain names. To be named Rose is certainly one of those names. The woman you know with the name Rose, a grandma, aunt, mother, sister, have in some lifetime been a rose onto the world. Their parents may have been ‘inspired’ to name their lovely baby girl Rose, but they would not have been inspired to do so if the old Spirit of their new baby had not earned the honor to carry that name.

There are many meanings to Yeats use of the Rose in the poem above. One is his use of the rose as a unifying symbol of the human collective. He writes of the connections between us all. The celtic druids of ancient times who were the healers and priests, to the small field mice and on to the Cuchulain, a celtic hound and hero of celtic myth cycles, all honoring the rose and it’s ability to spiritually connect us all.

Many will say that they smell the fragrance of roses in prayer or meditation while communicating with their angels, loved ones, the Divine Mother and perhaps especially their grandma Rose. Your Angels and loved ones in Spirit will use the healing aroma of roses as physical signs that they are spiritually present with you right then. Much of this is possible because roses have powerful energy fields that vibrate at a high electrical frequency – the highest of any flower on Earth.

As usual, it IS IN THE SCIENCE, even if you haven’t been shown that part. A rose’s essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320 megahertz of electrical energy. In comparison, essential oil from lavender (one of the next highest frequency flowers) vibrates at a rate of 118 megahertz, and a healthy human brain usually vibrates between 71 and 90 megahertz. It is in the math and vibrational physics that your Angels can connect easier with roses than with other flowers that have lower vibrational rates.

Roses were symbols of sacred honor and veneration in the pre-Christian era, and were used in ancient Rome to symbolize devotion to the goddess Venus. Following the Christianization of Rome under the emperor Constantine, the rose became identified with the Virgin Mary. The rose symbol eventually led to the creation of the rosary and other devotional prayers in Christianity.

History shows that the rose is the favorite flower of Our Lady herself. In her apparition at Guadeloupe, she made use of roses as a sign of her presence and even arranged them with her own beautiful hands in the tilma of Juan Diego. At La Sallette she wore a profusion of roses in three garlands and had tiny roses around the rim of her slippers. She brought beautiful roses with her at Lourdes, Pontmain, Pellevoisin and Banneaux. Many of us also know that the Divine Mary Magdeline Uses the sacred rose to bring her messages of courage and strength to those most needing her Grace and guidance.

The rose window is one of the most spectacular of all of the creations of the Gothic era, and like all great works of art, rose windows often seem to ‘speak’ directly to the individual. Rose windows in Christian cathedrals typically face west, the direction of the Goddess’s paradise in ancient pagan tradition. The Rose Window in Gothic cathedrals faced opposite the male symbol, the Cross, which faced the east. A rose window was usually dedicated to the Virgin Queen of Heaven, and the whole cathedral was described as her ‘palace’. The rose window was essentially a female-symbolic mandala, used to express the Spirit of Mary – the Mystic Rose, the Mother of the rosary and “Queen of the Most Holy Rose-Garden” in Heaven. In other word, the Divine Feminine of Life.

Many of you out there are Empaths. You feel what others are feeling on a regular basis. That is a sacred compassionate Gift, as long as you can learn to use it is such a way as to not take on other’s ‘baggage and stuff’ that IS NOT YOURS!  That can be hard to do and not just turn inward and walk away from your Gift of empathic abilities. In our Spirit Salons we have been learning about and exploring the healing work of Jim Self. He has to me a Godsign name that you have to love. Mr. Self will help you with your sacred Self! You gotta love it.

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Anyone who enjoys The Rose, tool #7 will also enjoy the other tools – numbered 1-10. They will help you in this chaotic time we all find ourselves walking through. Enjoy them!!!

You already know that the color of a rose is also associated with symbolic meanings. Each rose color conveys a different meanings and messages from the giver of the rose to the recipient.

Red roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and courage. A red rosebud signifies beauty and purity. A thorn-less red rose means love at first sight. The ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, the red rose also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing true love stronger than thorns, the red rose is known universally as the lover’s rose.
Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, and new beginnings. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection.
Orange roses symbolize fascination, desire, and sensuality.
Pink roses indicate appreciation and gratitude, especially dark pink roses. Light pink roses are usually indicative of admiration and/or sympathy, grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness..
The white rose stands for innocence and purity; also silence, secrecy, and reverence. White rosebuds are symbolic of girlhood. Brides often select white roses for their bridal bouquets.
Lilac and purple roses are thought to be almost mystical in nature, with symbolism tied to enchantment, desire and even proceeding cautiously, it’s not surprising that lilac and purple roses send a message of love at first sight.

So many in our world hold Roses and their symbology, healing and messages in a Sacred Light. Roses have earned that right over history. They are used by God and Goddesses alike to honor the Holy virtues and characteristics of Love, Light, Victory of Spirit, Grace, Divine Wisdom and Holy Eternal Love.

Please watch as God and your Angels Use Sacred Roses in all ways, sizes and colors to remind you that even with the most painful of thorns, even with a crown of thorns – our Creator expresses Divine Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Healing to all on earth with Roses. God uses Sacred Roses to remind humanity of its beauty, strength, determination and the Sacred Love we need to have for each other.

Roses alone cannot heal the losses of the young in our world to hatred, fear and ignorance, but roses can inspire each of us to bloom into our Spiritual beauty and to help others to do the same so that we can each help rid our planet of terror and the horrorific pain caused by ignorant hatred and violence.

See and Use the Godsign in the sacred scent, vibration and Holy Gift of Roses! Use them to bring rose blossoms of Love, Light and Gratitude to our world and into your Life.

The Rose
by Bette Midler
Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need
I say love, it is a flower, and You, its only seed
Its the heart afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance
Its the dream afraid of waking, that never takes the chance
Its the one who won’t be taking, who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying, that never learns to live
When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the Rose
Songwriters: GORDON MILLS
© Universal Music Publishing Group

Amongst The Roses
by Henry Kendal
I walked through a Forest, beneath the hot noon,
On Etheline calling and calling!
One said: She will hear you and come to you soon,
When the coolness, my brother, is falling.
But I whispered: O Darling, I falter with pain!
And the thirsty leaves rustled, and hissed for the rain,
Where a wayfarer halted and slept on the plain;
And dreamt of a garden of Roses!
Of a cool sweet place,
And a nestling face
In a dance and a dazzle of Roses.
In the drought of a Desert, outwearied, I wept,
O Etheline, darkened with dolours!
But, folded in sunset, how long have you slept
By the Roses all reeling with colours?
A tree from its tresses a blossom did shake,
It fell on her face, and I feared she would wake,
So I brushed it away for her sweet sake;
In that garden of beautiful Roses!
In the dreamy perfumes
From ripe-red blooms
In a dance and a dazzle of Roses.