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Hello All
Happy Friday to you!

This is the first Father’s Day in my life that I will not be able to at least hear my dad’s voice with my ears. He passed into Spirit in February and though he is all around and proves it regularly, I won’t be able to enjoy his hug in the physical world. I wouldn’t be here without him so this Godsign is dedicated to Jack Higgins, whom I am very honored to call my dad!

Sooooooo much LOVE to you Dad . . . It’s more than I can say oxooxo

In 2002, shortly before Father’s Day that year, Spirit asked me to write some poetry about all the great things my dad and other great dads do in our lives. Spirit asked me to gather the Love and Spirit of all the children I knew who had wonderful fathers and ask their spirits to tell me some of the little/big things their dads did for them. I have been very blessed with a wonderful dad; a husband and brother who are great fathers. I have grandfathers, uncles and now nephews that have shown what an awesome dad looks like. I have also been blessed with some very dear friends who are terrific dads.

So I sat for awhile with Spirit and with all the wonderful spirits of the children I knew who had terrific dads and asked, “What do you want to say?”

They answered quickly and with deep and profound LOVE for their dads! I still vividly remember that evening just sitting at my kitchen table listening to all the stories coming from the children’s spirits in the Unseen space of Love surrounding us all in that kitchen. Believe it or not, the poem below was written by them, I just took dictation, and it took less than 44 minutes to get it all written down.

Please feel free to share this poem below with any great dads you know!

For my dad and for all those awesomely terrific, wonderfully divine and unselfishly loving dads, this is just a bit of what your kids want you to know…

It’s More Then We Can Say

It’s more than being a sire, more than being a stud,
more than being a partner whispering thoughts of love.

It’s more than giving a hand, more than giving a smile,
more than giving a shoulder just to cry on for awhile.

It’s more than providing a home, more than providing a meal,
more than providing a lesson on how with others you are to deal.

It’s more than changing a tire, more than changing a mind,
more than changing a tempo to keep in step with mine.

It’s more than getting a headache, more than getting a pet,
more than getting the car so no one else gets wet.

It’s more than trying to mediate, more than trying to teach,
more than trying to coach that together we extend our reach.

It’s more than living a nightmare, more than living a dream,
more than living a faith that there’s more here than it seems.

It’s more than having character, more than having foundations,
more than having the resources to fund all the educations.

It’s more than taking a chance, more than taking a fight,
more than taking a stand to reveal the wrong from right.

It’s more than knowing a speech, more than knowing a joke,
more than knowing your truth of which you proudly spoke.

It’s more than sharing genetics, more than sharing time,
more than sharing a history now eternally linked with mine.

It’s more than making do, more than making a living,
more than making a choice to spend your lifetime giving.

It’s more than being recognized, more than being thought of,
more than being blessed now and forever with your love.

BIG THANKS to all the Dads, who live this story, helping their kids know what great dads do every day because of how much they love their children.
© Annie and many many kids